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You probably want to know three things: 1 - who and how experienced I am, 2 - what clients say about my editing skills, and 3 - how much to hire me.


1. What I have to say about me: I'm Stephanie Dagg, an English expat living in France with my family and other animals after a long stint in Ireland. I'm an author with 30+ books published the traditional way with O'Brien and Mentor Presses in Ireland, and an ever growing number of self-published ebooks, both adults and kids.

I've been working in the publishing industry in one way or another since 1985 with just a couple of years off to do some accountancy along the way. I studied English at Oxford University (BA and MA), followed by an MPhil in Publishing Studies at Stirling University. Then I began my book-related career with Hodder and Stoughton in Kent as a desk editor. Next I worked in sales for a while for a group of academic presses, then had three years of being an accountant before motherhood gave me the opportunity to work from home as a freelance editor and indexer. I've done that ever since. I throw in llama farming and running a holiday cottage and carp lakes on the side to keep me fit these days. I have a fine stable of satisfied indie author clients now. Which brings us nicely to:

2. What other people have to say about me: Here are some quotes from recent clients.

Steph, you've done such a wonderful job for me. I'm so delighted with the changes you've made and feel really lucky to have you working with me on this. Mark W

I managed to get through about half of your edits so far and I wanted to THANK YOU!  I really like what you've done and you've caught so many errors. Alan L

Thanks for your excellent work in editing. Neil B

Steph has been excellent to work with and she has truly polished my writing to a new level. I will definitely work with her again in the future. Dan Beazley

I love the way you edit. Raebeth B

Thanks so much for all of your work on the book. I'm absolutely delighted with the results. Mark W

I very much appreciated your thoughts on the copyright, and I did have a re-think. Marcia T

Been reading through your suggestions and I like what you've done, particularly ideas for name changes, consistency, timing etc. I also I like the different words you've suggested for 'said'. It gives more impact to the characters. Linda M


I love this [sample edit] and would love for you to continue... I really needed this... Shane M

Your editing is really helpful and I certainly couldn't have got it to such a high standard without you. Cathy T

After hearing such wonderful things about you I asked Dan for your contact details. Lucy B

I've been through the manuscript. I'm horrified how many mistakes were still lurking. Thanks for the great job. Suzanne W

You sound like exactly the editor we've been looking for. Jane T

This is really helpful, thank you. Your detailed comments/ suggestions look good. Jenny F

Thank you so much, for everything. I'm about to refer someone else to you. Karie H

I didn't realize how badly these books needed editing. I think they look and flow much better. Don R

Thanks so much for your hard work. I knew it needed some attention but hadn't realised how badly. Mark W

3. How much to hire me: I'm one of the most budget-friendly editors out there. I know from experience as an indie author myself that money is tight. But a book really benefits from a professional polish before being published. Indie authors are persecuted to an extent and every little error is pounced on by critics. So I offer top quality editing at the cheapest I can afford to be. Current rates are €3 per 1,000 words.  


Still not convinced you need an editor at all? I'll do a short sample edit for you for free so you can compare the before and after versions of your work. Contact me via the query form.

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