You care about your eBook and so do we

Going a Bundle on Books

Is bundling the magic weapon to fight against declining print sales

Ebooks Are My Bag

The Books Are My Bag campaign in the UK is about to start. What do you carry your ebook reader around in?

How To Make Your Book Discoverable

A look at the channels through which readers discover books and ebooks by indie authors

5 Final Steps For Publishing Your Ebook

This wonderful new age of indie authors means that there are many first-time book writers out there who aren’t sure what they should do once they’ve finished creating their work of fiction or non-fiction.

Here’s a suggested course of action consisting of 5 steps. I’m assuming you’ve reached the stage where you’re happy with what you’ve written and, as far as you’ve concerned, you’ve done…

Are You A Twitter Twit?

I use Twitter every day and am finding it to be a useful marketing tool. However, I’m not addicted to it and still find that my blog is the best way to reach out to an audience. But, even at my fairly low level or usage  - I have around 500 followers and followees altogether for my various Twitter accounts so nothing too unwieldy – it can soon get out of control.

Tweetdeck and Hootsuite…

Ebooks Cheaper from Smashwords

Increasingly frustrated at the elevated prices on for Kindle books due to the sales tax they add for whatever reason to books going abroad, I’ve now started buying more from Smashwords. I’ve downloaded the Kindle app for PC onto my computer so I can read books in Kindle format on it. It’s not as good a reading experience as on the Kindle, but since I can get 99 cent books for

QR Codes

QR codes are the fast way to send a URL to a mobile device

Kindle 3 vs Kindle 4 - Mother vs Daughter

Head to head Kindles

French Government Grabs Out Of Print Books

The French government is leading the world in nabbing orphans. No, not parentless children, but literary works that are out of print and whose authors can’t be traced.  There are between half and three quarters of a million out of print books in France. About a fifth of these are orphans. A law passed at the end of February means that the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, BnF, can now scan these…

E-Erotica - Sure Fire Best Sellers?

According to reports nearly all we ereader owners are busy reading erotica aka porn. OK, not all the time, but at least some of it. And apparently we get an extra thrill from reading them on our Kindles or Nooks when we’re on public transport or during work breaks when other people are around but have no idea what we’re feasting our eyes upon!

What’s more, it’s not just the books that are…

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